Oak Harbor Farmer’s Market is Open for the Season!

The Oak Harbor Farmer’s Market is open every Thursday through September

The Oak Harbor Public Market (most people call it the “Farmer’s Market”) has opened for the season, with the first market held last Thursday the 19th of May.  It runs from 4-7 PM each Thursday through September, and maybe longer if the weather permits.

The video below shows the first market of this year. Since it opened early this season, the turnout was a bit sparser than typical, but it is also a little early in the year for the farmers to have much produce to bring to market!

The market is located on  Hwy 20 in Oak Harbor, between the North Whidbey Middle School and the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce.  The map below is interactive, you can zoom or pan for better detail:



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A transplant from the east coast, I spent many years living in the deserts of Arizona and Nevada before finally finding a little piece of paradise on Whidbey Island that I call home. This is where I chose to raise my kids, set down roots, and eventually retire. In my blog I hope to share timely information and statitistics about our local real estate market, as well as a few of the people, places and homes around Whidbey Island that I find special, or interesting.
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One Response to Oak Harbor Farmer’s Market is Open for the Season!

  1. Stasha says:

    We visited the Coupville farmers Market today and lots of vendors sell at both. Lucky us , we have on in our town on Thursday and another on Saturdays short drive away! No excuse to skip eating vegetables on Whidbey!

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